First of all, let me say that I encourage all of you to avoid and to never click on any link other than his roms.


Tim Eckel, for all of you that don't know is the webmaster and owner of This guy is not well liked by most emu sites for his arrogance and repeated attacks on other people simply because he finds fault with them.


Now that said, the ICQ logs are obviously quite real. There are cell phone numbers, ICQ numbers, names, places, etc throughout the two documents I was able to read through. In the documents themselves Tim Eckel is the person known as "IblameJoo"


Mister Eckel makes over 12 THOUSAND dollars a month hosting roms that he never paid anything for to acquire. This is the true face of emulation friends, lamers like Eckel make a lot of money off of other people's work. I encourage everyone to place calls to the ISDA and try to have him shut down.


It is not revealed if he pays for the hosting of them or if eFront handles this for him. I would assume that eFront handles this for him, though I have heard mention that he outsources the rom server to another country (Taiwan was specifically mentioned.) I cannot verify this from the ICQ logs however.


In the ICQ logs, Tim brags incessantly, like a geek with a hard-on, about beating out and having more hits and traffic than other eFront members. When it is mentioned that another sites are beating him, Poor Tim whines that they must be cheating and begins proposing ludicrous theories as to how this is possible.


When questioned as to how this can be possible to fake millions of impressions, Tim tells him that he was a 16 year old hacker at one time and still knows all the ways to trick the system. Tim even brags about how he tricks hitboss and others on his site currently, but then will quickly mention that he is now retired from that and is just speaking hypothetically. Way to dodge that bullet there Tim! I still think you are 733T!!!


Tim Eckel goes on and on about how he uses both sides of his brain(??) and mentions how skilled he is with computer codes and such. But again when a problem dealing with code is presented to fix, Tim backs off of it saying he doesn't do SSI. Really the entire time he was talking, I began to think more and more than HE is Reirom of "IAMBRASIL" fame.


As if this wasn't bad enough, Tim tells the efront employee how he should go about screwing their affiliates and lowering the cpm's (amount eFront pays them) from $3 to .75 and then even lower. He names as one site that should be dropped (no doubt to increase his own hits) and is seen trying to weasel more and more out of eFront as he proclaims how he can be trusted to deal with the webmasters in a way that benefits eFront. He aks for his own checks several times, asks for more space, his own servers, etc. Basiaclly it is Tim first, then everyone else.


Perhaps the most absurd idea is one Tim mentions about taking over PennyArcade, a comic that Tim has bashed multiple times for not being funny. Yeah, A@H sure is a funny site Mr.Eckel, I bet you would do wonders with your own internet comic strip.


So to sum it up, The ICQ logs reveal little about eFront that was unknown. Efront is a sleaze bag advertising network that will most likely go bankrupt this summer, owing THOUSANDS to it's affiliates, all the while lying to them and making deals that benefit themselves. The CEO himself encourages the other eFront shills to basically forget the contracts they signed, and settle as low as possible.


The ICQ logs do however reveal Tim Eckel to be the lowest, slimiest, scummiest, two faced, rat BASTARD in the emu scene hands down. Many had said this before, but until now, all of his misdoings were away from the spotlight that is the net. He lies to his friends for his own profit, he brags about pop-ups and how he can do whatever he wants to his visitors, he frequently berates his visitors, at one point calling them "sheep", He brags about his own "leetness" and how he can get people to click his worthless ads, and it goes on and on. Here is a guy who says he wealthy, and yet he wants eFront to give him $300 to play with some scam he has cooked up. The rich people I know can manage to scrape up $300 bucks, is this some kind of Ohio only wealth situation Tim?


My own working theory is that someone who lives for tweaking their website for the maximum benefit of an ADVERSTISER has some serious money problems. In the last line he mentions his house payment bouncing. Whoops...


Who gets up and think so themseleves "I hope I am beating on click thrus for that PS2 ad!" Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Tim Eckel.


His site now is trying to build some heat but accusing PennyArcade of having no "stones" by not bashing him using his real name. Let me offer my own hairy, sweaty stones in their place Mr. Eckel by saying...You can choke on my manrod and die. I have seen both you and your wife in person and I am far from impressed. In any other situation I would feel pity for you with that cow of a woman you have to lay down with. But in this case, I look and I laugh.


Best regards Tim,