OverClocked - #135
'Super Election Emu 2k'


Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls . . .
Finally, the Emulator the whole world has been
waiting for! Relive the Floridian voting experience
in the comfort of your own home with . . .

Super Election Emu 2000!!

Feel left out of the American democratic process?
Want your own shot at an antiquated and inept electoral ballot?
The world's FIRST Election Emulator is for YOU!!

why vote when you can emulate??

Super Election Emu 2000 requires Windows 98, ME, or 2k, and
some Visual Basic Runtimes that you probably already
have but if you don't, tough luck. Democracy ain't always fair. Mac and
Linux fans will have to wait till 2004 - sorry!

ELECTION EMU 2000 - Just 20Kb!!

check out these reviews:
"It's amazing . . . I just love it!! . . . But no one can play it after
5pm today . . . " - Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris

"You'll wanna go back and do it again . . and again . . and again!! It's emulators
like this that make me glad I invented the Internet in the first place!!" - Vice President Gore

"It's Wonderiferous! Magnificentable!" - Governor Bush

November 14, 2000

Please direct all questions regarding
video configuration to your local emu-politics center
of unbiased news reporting, Arcade@Home