#114 - "Gridlespotting"


Exhibit A: Statue of Liberty
Though most still think it a symbol of America's spirit, the shocking reality is that its original intention was as a notifier of MAME happenings in the New York City region. There were plans to install a MAME statue in every major American city, but someone thought it would be better to have just one, and use it as really big, expensive icon of freedom and liberty . . go figure.

Exhibit B: Paul Revere's Ride
Here we clearly see that history has only remembered half the story - Revere's PRIMARY reason for his midnight ride was, in truth, to notify the people of another MAME Work-in-Progress update by Gridle!

Exhibit C: Famous Headlines
Gridle has been the REAL subject of many famous headlines, which afterwards were altered by printing presses across the globe, for unknown reasons . . . here we see that the famous "Dewey Defeats Truman" story ran on the inside, with Gridle taking the frontpage headline in big, bold type . . .

Exhibit D: CNN.COM "heartbeat" article
Perhaps the most interesting proof that Gridle is a worldwide phenomenon and mystery is this article from cnn.com, that was put up for a total of 45 seconds on the 28th of May, 2000, then quickly taken down. Luckily, our reporters grabbed a screenshot, which unmistakenly shows the international fascination with all things Gridle . . .
What can a sane person make of all this GRIDLE? Why, throughout the course of history, has he appeared wearing so many faces? What is the true nature of his relationship to the even more mysterious Nicola Salmoria? And why in all of these instances is there such concern for secrecy? . . . We may well never know all the facts . . . but we must continue tracking them. If you or someone you know has captured an image proving the Gridle conspiracy is real, please let us know at creator@overclocked.org . . . for more information, visit Gridle's presence on the web, where he updates the official release of MAME, at http://www.mame.net . . . . that is all for now . . . .