The Truth about eXboy and Drugs:

According to GPF-GOD, exboy is nothing more
than a version of early hash source code, with resolution setting added by Jesse of
emuunlim . . it was given to Gizmo as a sort of joke, as apparently Gizmo had been
"annoying" GPF for some time, with repeated ICQ messages asking for, and eventually
demanding help in a rather obnoxious fashion. This explains for some of the differences
you might see between the two, but GPF claims that Gizmo was even unable to
compile the source, and that the binary itself was compiled for him . . . Whether or
not Gizmo will come through on the addition of sound, without help, remains to be
seen, but given these assertions, which have been corroborated by emuforce in a
recent post, GPF-god himself, and Jesse, it seems not everyone's been aware of
what they've been smoking ^^

Havok's support of the emulator may not have been
fully informed, and no one wishes any ill will against him.