#102 - "Top Ten Emu-Songs"

Right then . . here we go . . . .

#10. "Even the Lamers" - ROM Petty
#9. "Zoop Suit Riot" - MEKA Poppin' Daddies
#8. "Back on the MAME Gang" - The Pretendos
#7. "I Wanna Hold your Handy" - The Beatles
#6. "Head like a Callus" - Snes9X inch Nails
#5. "Spanish ROMS" - The Hash
#4. "DarkMazda Side of the Moonlit Coalition" - Pink Floyd (album title)
#3. "Wake Me up Before Hu-go! go" - Wham!
#2. "(Ain't nothin but a) CRT-Thang" - Scitech Display Dr. Dre
#1. "Smells Like Bleem! Spirit" - Nirvana

there now, that wasn't so bad, was it??? ^^
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Reader Additions:

"Emus on Parade" - Neorage against the Machine (Isamu)
"Ain't my bleem!" - Metallica - Load (MatriDX)
"Wherever I may ROM" - Metallica - (Black Album)
"Low RealityMan's lyric" - Metallica - ReLoad
"Bleem! Canada!" - South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut (theCorpse)
"The Pong Song" - Sisqo
"mo compatibility mo rom requests" - the Notorious H.L.E (nitr8)
"Enter Realityman" - Metallica (nitr8)
"Here comes the RAINE again" - the EMUrhythmics (poo9)
"Node99 Red Balloons" - NESA
"StripROM" - AdamEM Ant (poo9)
"Blue (Hhh Lll Eee)" - Ultra 65 (ExtraTrstl)
"Been Caught Emulating" - JNES addiction (Nekotei)
"Every little Thingy32 she does is Magic Engine" - The Rom Police (Darklord)
"RAINEdrops keep falling on my header" - multiple
"We Will RockNES You" - Squeem (RockX2)

"All my Ex68's live in Texas" - George PC98 (country)
"Smack my Bleem! up" - Prodigy (DarkShadow)
"I wanna be Emulated" - The ROMones (TheFreak)
GoodGOD" - Corn (abominator)
"JoyNES to the EmuWorld" - Three ROM Night (True Bardic)
"Bad CRC Rising" - Creedence CLRMAME Revival (True Bardic)