#89- "Take the Test"

Here's a Personal story about a family with a pet Jagulator & a WinApe. Hu-Go was born in 1964. He SNEeSed on Stella during their 1st date. She has a Callus & a Corn on her foot. Nevertheless, they always danced to RockNES music. Their DBoys, AdamEm & Calypso, & Arnold have NESToys in the Arcade@Home. They always Meka MESS! Their favourite cereal is Froot LoopyNES. AdamEm plays the Banjo-Kazooie in the school band. When it's not Raineing they all walk to the ROMCenter to buy Appler, Basilisk, & sour cream & HiVEs, & arrive home before Sunset & DarcNES. They always watch the videotape Famtasia before bed. Hu-Go made such an Impact at work one day that he was promoted to MAME Manager before going to V.I.C.E. President.
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