OverClocked - #118
New & Worse!!!



June 12, 2000 : A date that will live in infamy
Nintendo unveils the stupidest looking console redesign ever, as thousands and thousands of adolescents and grown men still obsessed with boy scouting clamor for more of that insidious Pokemon capitalism . . . . . style . . grace . . subtlety . . design? Who needs 'em when you've got the prepackaged power of mass merchandising, using highly disposable animal mascots, with very little gameplay behind them? Next thing you know Nintendo will have a plastic model of Flipper the Dolphin leaping out of its next-gen console . . . we at OverClocked are taking a stand on this issue, clearly, and for everyone to see: Keep your god-damn mascots off our consoles! Even as a collector's item . . even if they only made TWO prototype models . . the pikachu n64 is such a depressing, offensive piece of silicon, greed, and plastic, that blowing burrito chunks is the most MILD reaction we can envision. The NintenGod might work in mysterious ways, but with this type of divine intervention, we think Paganism is looking more & more attractive . . . . 'nuff said.