OverClocked - #116
The ZeroWing
Dub Project

SNK-Glish: We all know and love this goofy brand of half-english popularized by SNK's grammar-impaired line of fighters . . . but wouldn't it be great if we could HEAR, rather than just read, the mangled sentences and strange exclamations of our onscreen heros and heroines?? Way back during episode #81, when we had poet Sheng Long perform a bit of SNK-Glish poetry, I thought to myself: Hey, wouldn't it kick bleem! to go back and DUB the voices for a particularly BAD Game intro? That way we could hear and SEE the language impediment at work! Fabulous! . . . but which game? And who would provide the voices? Well, readers, I'm proud to say that those decisions were finally made, and today's special release of the ZEROWING Introduction Cinema is dubbed by none other than WAYNE NEWTON!!!

. . . . Wayne here!! I'd just like to give a thanks to the swank sexy swingers at OverClocked for letting me dub this decidedly un-smooth, swankless game with unsexy english! Now on with the show!!"

The ZeroWing Dub project is viewable in Quicktime 4.0 format, at a size of about a megabyte. If you don't have Quicktime, get it HERE . . . click the pic to start the mirth!

(OverClocked is not legally responsible for any adverse reactions you may
experience while viewing the ZeroWing Dub project, including but not limited to: projectile vomiting, diarrhea, intensely swollen nose, loss of balance, loss of sanity, extreme weight gain, inability to articulate a coherent sentence, resemblence to Wayne Newton, narcolepsy, affinity for THQ games of any kind, Snacks'N Jaxson Decapitation Syndrome, or Herpes)

OverClocked thanks Wayne Newton and the quote-mongers at Zany Video Game Quotes for help in this monumental endeavour. _peace_