OverClocked Mirror

Welcome to OverClocked's mirror of
The Scribe's EmuFAQ!!

Just what is the EmuFAQ, you ask? Consider it the holy grail of emulation legality . . . The Scribe has compiled tons of information regarding the history of emulation, and how it has been dealt with inside as well as outside the courthouse . . . but why should YOU, Joe Average, care about it?
Well, ignorant mortal, unless you want to live your life in the dark, not knowing anything about emulation's heritage, not caring about who did what and when, not enriching your own sorry life with a little history . . . unless you want to end up like most people, in other words . . we suggest you start reading!!!

This document was released several times, with different revisions . . this is the FINAL version . . . we at OverClocked thank The Scribe for letting us mirror (and star in as well) his historic and monumental contribution to the scene - it ain't a ROM, it ain't an EMU, but it's still worth your time . . . . trust us!!!
There are two juicy ways for you to view the EmuFAQ - in it's web form, or in a nifty, OverClocked-exclusive Acrobat PDF file that you can download and save somewhere a little more easily . . the choice is YOURS!!

Feel free to distribute the PDF wherever you think emulation knowledge is severely lacking, or whenever you need to settle an argument with someone over court battles regarding emulation :) I might also note that the bibliography alone is worth having on hand if you want to see how the media have covered "us" in the past . . . enjoy!!