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The Turbografx-16, known as the PC-Engine outside the US, faired poorly next to the Genesis, though did much better in its native Japan . . . released by NEC, it was a strange system with a mix of titles, some of which were actually SEGA's older arcade games (Shinobi, Space Harrier, etc). I had one, and had a few games too - the immortal JJ & Jeff, Bonk's Adventure, and Blazing Lasers all had a very unique, Japanese feel to them . . . I think this was perhaps the system's big flaw, outside of bad marketing: the style of the games seemed more like old NES and Arcade games with better graphics, whereas SEGA was doing newer, fresher stuff with the Genesis i.e. Phantasy Star II, Revenge of Shinobi, etc.

The best emulator for the system - Magic Engine - is unfortunately shareware: you have to pay $35 for sound. This may be worth it however, if you're a big TG16 fan . . otherwise, the other emulators are pretty decent too, with speed, compatibility, and in some cases CD-support fairly far along. It's your call . . .


Bits (CPU): 8 + 8
Bits (Gfx): 16
CPU: HuC6280, 3.6Mhz
Resolution: 256 x 256, 320x256

Planes: 1
Colors: 482/512
Sprites: 64, size: 16 x 16
Audio: 6-layer
RAM: 8K+64Kgx

CD CPU/Mhz: 65802/16
CD= 64K , SCD=256K, ACD= 2MB


Magic Engine

Don't be fooled by the word DEMO - Magic Engine is well worth the download, even though you need to register for sound ($35) . . . This IS currently the best WIN and DOS tg16 emu available, with supergrafx and cd-emulation at near-perfect levels . . is it worth the $35? We think so, but definitely recommend checking out the other tg16 emus FIRST, and then deciding if you need it.
Hu-go! is a brilliantly named DOS turbografx-16 emu that's open source and has made some great progress recently . . it's not all that fast, but has decent support, a nice GUI, and supports that fancy eagle effect that smooths edges of graphics.
Hu6280 has speed, compatibility, sound, and all that pizzazz, plus the newest Win DirectX port has GREAT CD support, which is still being worked on . . I'd download and try both version . . desktop should be 16-bit for win . . . the DOS might work better if your PC is finicky.
XPCE is a discontinued Japanese TG16 emu that is nevertheless WORTH the download . . it's small, it's fast, it runs nice, and it works great in windows 2000 . . . not too many people know about it or use it, but that doesn't mean it ain't good . . . try it yourself
Wow . . . REW is not only a great windows gameboy emu, it does NES and a little PC-Engine too! Supports CGB, has sound, and is fairly fast . . . this is a GREAT emulator, and very impressive . . . author is anonymous though . . whoever you are, you rule!

Top 6 TG16 Characters that didn't have a hope in hell of making it big:
1. Impossamole - With his Amiga and Atari ST roots, the Impossamole was iffy for the console scene at best . . the name . . the concept . . who gives a shit about a mole? A hedghehog, yes, a mole, no . . . period . . and I still can't figure out what's so "Impossa" about him . . . freak.

2. Bravoman - With a name like "Bravoman", this fruitcake had more trouble than Hudson Hawk at the box office . . puke graphics, plus every time you shoot out your longass arm punch thing, you say "Bravo!" . . . well, to hell with that . . . .

3. JJ & Jeff - isn't it just like Americans to go and take a masterpiece like Kato & Ken - the Japanese version - and edit out all the poopy and peepee jokes? Sure, seeing Ken's ass wasn't the high point of my life, but not seeing it just made me mad . . censorship sucks . . not that K&K would have done well outside Japan anyway . . .

4. Keith Courage - EXCUSE ME? "Keith Courage" ? You might as well name him "Man McFriendly"!! What type of a kickass man of action goes by "Keith Courage"? "Um, hi . . I'm gonna kick your butts all over the place , , and my name is Keith . . . Keith Courage!" He'd be laughed out of the alpha zones in a heartbeat . . . weak sauce.

5. Photograph Boy - What a concept! Ashame this game didn't take off in a big way, though Pokemon Snap is a similar concept (only lame) . . for the full scoop, check out the Zeroes Unlimited Review

6. That Dumb Bear from "Yo' Bro" - Lord, lord . . . the sheer, unabridged pain this game's utterly vain 80's attempt at coolness brings up in my gut is VILE . . there's this RAD Bear, who wears a DUDICAL cap, and rides a BITCHIN skateboard . . . all we need now is Corel Feldman and some Duran Duran tunes . . . .