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"A Shrine to Sega's Classic 3d-scaling Arcade Shooter"

Welcome to OverClocked's
Galaxy Force II Shrine

This is a small, humble little page devoted to Sega's Galaxy Force Arcade shooters. For those not familiar with the games, which were very similar, Galaxy Force I & II were hardware scaling 3d games, similar to Space Harrier - they used no real polygons, and instead achieved a 3d effect by sheer computation, scaling dozens of sprites simultaneously to simulate depth. For the time, the graphics were very impressive, and even today one would not look at the game and think it was made in the 1980's.

This page includes information, screen shots, multimedia, and links that cover the arcade version and the Saturn conversion. I might one day add info on the various other versions (Amiga, SMS, Genesis), but none of them were even close to the original, which still has not been converted 100% faithfully. Ultimately, my hope is that this unique hardware will be emulated by MAME or a hardware-specific emulator.

I'd like to say just a few words about WHY I started this shrine. I feel that Galaxy Force II was fairly original, and influenced 3d shooters in the years to come. One can see echoes of the design in Starfox, Descent 3, and other games. The concept of flying in large outdoor environments and then proceeding inside, though questionably executed, was interesting. I recommend the Saturn Import conversion to anyone curious about trying it out - you can get it fairly cheap usually (around $20).

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