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Galaxy Force II:

Sound & Music

Here are some MIDI's and MP3's from the game's score, including my own revised "remix"

Galaxy Force II Sound ROM - these are the ACTUAL dumped sound roms off of a GF2 arcade board. Though they have not yet been emulated fully, a sound-only version of MAME was releases called 'MMSND' that WILL play back both the audio tracks and the sound effects. VERY COOL!
MMSND - this is a version of DOS MAME that only plays the music, but is compatible with GF2! There's no documentation, but there's some built-in command line help when you run it. Trial-and-error SHOULD let you listen to the fx and songs!!!

Galaxy Force II Beyond the Galaxy SCORE - this the scanned in musical score for Beyond the Galaxy, which accompanied the GF2 album that was released on both Tape and Vinyl, and featured songs from other Sega classics like Thunder Blade as well . . .
Galaxy Force II Tape listing - this is the listing of tracks, mostly in Japanese, that were featured on the GF2 audio tape.

Galaxy Force II 'Nominal' OC ReMix - DJ PRETZEL's own orchestration of the complex 'Beyond the Galaxy' theme. It's called 'Nominal' because basically all he did was take the MIDI file and mess around with it on my K5000 synth. I still think it sounds a lot better than the midi, tho' . . .
Galaxy Force II 'Beyond the Galaxy - This is the original version, ripped directly off the CD, of the song above . . the audio quality is not great, but that's a problem with the actual game, not the rip . . . same goes for below!
Galaxy Force II 'Stage 2' - this is track 2 on the cd-rom . . like all the GF2 tunes, very heavy on slap bass!!

Galaxy Force 'Beyond the Galaxy' - ingame music, plays during stage

Galaxy Force 'Try-Z' - ingame music, plays during stage
Galaxy Force 'Name Entry' - if you make the top 10, you hear this while you enter your name
Galaxy Force 'Scene Select' - this plays during the ultra-cool stage select screen
Galaxy Force 'Staff Roll' - the ending theme, during credits. basically a reprise of 'Beyond the Galaxy'
Galaxy Force 'Stage Clear' - when you . . uhhh . . . clear a stage . . . eh?
Galaxy Force 'Coin Insert' - brief little sound when you put your 25 cents in