OverClocked - #140
'Eckel's eAffront'


Tim Eckel has:

1. Pissed off generally respectable emulation figures like members of MAMEDEV, the Nemu64 team,
myself (well, I did say *generally* respectable) and other individuals at Retrogames, EmuHQ, and other sites

2. Accused many emulation webmasters and hosting agents as being greedy when he himself has a huge
amount of ads on his site, collaborates with management at efront to *decrease* funding for his
competitors like Mame.dk, and often confesses to being out primarily to make a buck.

3. Lied to others about personally knowing me in real life and participated in character assassination
with NO personal knowledge of me whatsoever, later claiming to not remember.

4. Criticized others of posting off-topic news on their sites when, during the
presidential election, his site was covered in pro-bush propaganda.

5. Used his site as a public place for him to vent (off-topic) about Penny Arcade, and
considered casting assertions that they were gay an insult. Not surprising from
the same guy who quotes Dr. Laura Schlesinger on his "emulation" site.

6. Has allied himself with upper management at eFront, clearly ingratiating himself and
participating in the slimy, blood-from-a-stone advertising scare tactics and control
freak attitude that they encourage
. At one point, even suggesting he could 'take over'
Penny Arcade
- now thankfully OFF of the eFront network

This last point is the most recent, and is supported by this logfile.
(Tim is 'iblamej00') If you don't feel like reading the whole long thing, check out
FastReader's SUMMARY - couldn't have said it better myself.

To Eckel and eAffront I have only one thing to say:

All your logs are belong to Us!

March 9, 2001