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Sega Master System / Game Gear


I love the Sega Master System . . . I love it dearly . . if it were a relatively attractive female, I'd marry it . . . if it were a religion, I'd believe . . if it were an itch, I would scratch with an industrial strength sander . . . why the obsession, you ask? The SMS was the first videogame system that was MINE . . sure, the family had a colecovision, and a good ole 2.6k, but the SMS was mine, baby, and it was prized most highly among my coveted adolescent possessions.

Sega's 8-bit competitor to the NES didn't fare so well in the US, did a little better in the UK, but never posed a serious threat to the Big N's microsoft-esque domination . . . but man, it had some great games. Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Zillion, Phantasy Star, Outrun, Space Harrier, Fantasy Zone, Shinobi, and Wonder Boy all bring back the memories . . .
What really gets me about the SMS is that the games have a certain feel . . impossible to describe, but there nonetheless . . .

The NES had way more good games, but I still remember the SMS more fondly . . . Sega later released the Game Gear handheld system, which was essentially a portable Master System, as well as the "Power Base Converter" - a peripheral that let you play SMS games on your genesis . . there was also a badass light gun, weird 3d glasses, and a system redesign that took the older look and made it stupid . . .

Meka is the weapon of choice for SMS/GG emulation,
it's DOS, has one of the best GUI's out there, and has great compatibility and many other features . . . before Meka, Massage was a favorite, and brSMS is also quite decent . . .



Bits (CPU): 8
Bits (Gx): 8
CPU: Z80
MHz: 3.58
Graphics: 256 x 192
Colors: 32 + 32
Sprites: 64
Sprite size: 8x8 or 8x16
Audio: 3 music + 1 noise

Meka is zoop's genius contribution to the world of emulation . . a basically flawless, beautiful DOS sms/gg/colecovision emulator that serves as an example of what an emulator SHOULD look like . . . we love it, and so should YOU! Zoop is also STILL perfecting this piece of art, so check out the homepage often . . .
if for some reason you feel like trying something other than MEKA for your sms/gg emulation needs, brSMS is a relatively good alternative . . though not as compatible or as flashy, it does run many games, and quickly too . .
Massage has been around a long time . . it is no longer being worked on, but in its time it was the best sms emu available, and is still a good alternative due to goof speed and compatibility . . however, compared to MEKA, the GUI is kinda weak sauce . . .



Atari 8-bit & Atari ST
Commodore 64
Top 6 SMS 'Men of Steel':
1. Alex Kidd - Man, you just don't F%^& with Kidd . . this brother had the fist from hell, a badass tricycle, and masterful rock-papers-scissors skillz . . stand back . . . .

2. Joe Musashi - Also known simply as "Shinobi" . . if you owned a SMS back in the late 80's, you owned Shinobi . . . he ran, he jumped, he used magical ninja powers, and he kept a calm, "Dr.Smooth" demeanor the whole time . . . Riiiccccco Suave . . .

3. Wonderboy - From his first adventure where he ran around shirtless, throwing stuff at snails, to his third where he transmogrified into different animals, the boy of wonder kept his wits about him and never faltered

4. JJ (from Zillion) - based off of a cool anime, this game just SCREAMED originality, and JJ was the badmuthaa you controlled, who had the best memory in the world for keycodes, and a funky trotting run . . . .

5. Space Harrier - his friends just call him 'Space' . . this guy put those olympic track runners to shame, sprinting non-stop for miles on end, while hurtling bushes and giant stone heads . . . The Romanian judge gave him a 10 . . . . (click 4 Space Harrier ReView)

6. Teddy Boy - Name one other 7-year old kid that shoots people indiscriminately with a large gun! . . oh, wait . . . forgot about the good ole USA . . we have our very own teddy boys, unfortunately . . obviously they plays this game far too much . . .
(click for Teddy Boy ReView)